Health is everything! 
Nutritional immunology plays a major role in defining the future of our health. It provides us with guidance on proper diet and nutrition, helping us live a longer and healthier life. Bit by bit, we can create a world free of diseases. We strongly believe that nutritional immunology can contribute to improving our health based on the scientific researches done by scientists who also hold this belief.

To adapt to the ever-changing world of business and entrepreneurship and attract younger and wider range of consumers, Dr, Jau-Fei Chen founded a new company.



eLEAD products are a series of new products developed by Dr. Chen JF based on nutritional immunology.

eLEAD Global was founded by the founder of nutritional immunology, Dr Chen Jau-Fei.
It is a new online shopping company.
The online shop operates in any places with access to the Internet.
The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has started its operation since July 2016.
Official Website:
Nine in total, two flavors on two products.
Products developed and manufactured  based on nutritional immunology and scientific research.
Proven by customer feedback: It has become one of the most notable health food companies which produces excellent products that are suitable for all ages with no side effects.
Main manufacturing countries : United States. China and Singapore
Sales model:
E-commerce. Products are sold online only.
eLEAD Global's Application:
IOS & Android are available to download.
All product sells in $USD currency. Credit Cards from various countries are accepted.
Shipping Fees:
Same shipping fees worldwide. Products are shipped by trusted express delivery services with tracking number. Shipping fees including delivery service fees, taxes and processing fees will be around 10% of the prices of the products.
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