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In 1962, Dr. Chen was born in Taiwan and migrated to oversea with families in 1977.
In 1977, Dr Chen was a 15 year old girl, she got the first grade and graduated from high school. She was the youngest graduates. Then she continued studies Brigham Young University when she was only 16 years old.
In 1981, Dr Chen was 19 old, she graduated as a Bachelor of Microbiology, at the same time, she studies about chemistry. She became the youngest bachelor of Brigham Young University ever.
In 1983, Dr Chen was 21 year old, she manage to be Master of Microbiology and then continue to pursue a doctoral degree of biochemistry.
In 1987, Dr Chen was 25 old, she establish Excel International Limited.
Started from 1987 till today, the company has developed for 29 years. over 200 types of product and selling all around the world. , Excel has its own farm, factory and laboratory. The highest standards of quality management system, adhere to the perfect, excellence! The nutritional immunology to bring the international platform.
In 1988, Dr Chen was 26 old, she obtained a doctorate in microbiology. Besides, she specializes in immunology and biochemistry, as well as teaching advanced immunology courses in 512 levels, as well as focus on cancer research.
Based on the basis of nutritional immunology, uphold the concept of nutritional immunology, walked a solid pace of steady progress. Committed to creating a leading to health, happiness, hope and of the platform. Through scientific research and , nutrition and immunology to the of this wisdom to help people to strengthen the immune system, prevention of disease. Safe and reliable products for people to bring convenience to a healthy life.
In 2001, with ginseng fruit and cactus fruit as a food and skin care products research, honor access to the US Patent and Trademark Office issued the patent.

In 2005, Singapore Product Manufacturing Company was awarded the 30th Golden Award foe the Best Trade Name Award and New Millennium Award.

In year 2006, E. Excel honorly rewarded Asia - Pacific region 's most competitive brand of 10 good health products.
As a scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Chen Jau Fei has an outstanding contribution in the international arena has won numerous praise and glory, but Dr. Chen Jau Fei has a dream which to create an environment without disease and peace.
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5 Advantages of Products


Exclusive propriety mix of cactus fruit, American ginseng, West Indies cherry & ​etc., Ingredients that are hard to find and not consumed on a daily basis.


Passing the world strictest food safety tests for more than 2000 times, eLEAD products were proved to be safe and are consumed by millions loyal consumers in 30 years.


High repeatability

eLEAD products received plenty of positive feedback and reviews by consumers, resulting in stable repeat sales.


Scientific Basis

eLEAD products are developed and manufactured based on rigorous scientific research.


Health Appeal

No matter how fast and unpredictable our world has changed, health is the most important element of our life.

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